1. Certification issues

         Loid does not exist

         Causes:1) Wrong input of loid, such as insufficient digits, letter case or space

                     2) Fiber skipping of optical path is wrong, and the loid serial number is not consistent with the actual port, for example: input

                          Cd6116x1606001, but the upper PON port is indeed 16 slots and 5 ports

         Phenomenon description: displayed in the registration status information column: loid does not exist  

         Solution: check the optical path, Confirm the actual PON port and accurate loid of optical path

Always initialize state

        Causes:The authentication of ONU can only be successful after two steps of ranging and synchronization,If the optical fiber distance is

        too long (more than 20km),The optical attenuation is slightly greater than the certification requirements or the optical path quality is poor

        As a result, ranging or synchronization cannot be completed

       Phenomenon description:ONU side,Display in the registration status information bar:Device initialization

       Treatment method:Level by level spectrophotometer hanging measurement to the near end of OLT,Verify that there is a pigtail or splitter of transmission       


No reaction

      Causes:No or no negotiation between OLT and ONU

      Phenomenon description:ONU side,Display in the registration status information bar:Not certified

     Treatment method:1) Confirm whether the OLT side has distributed data

                                    2) Is the type of ONU consistent with that of PON (GPON or EPON)

                                    3) Optical path problem

2. Broadband problems

       Authentication successful, dial 678