F660 V3.0 GPON ONT 2,4GHz WiFi FTTH

High-Performance F660 V3.0 GPON ONT with 2.4GHz WiFi for FTTH Connectivity

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ZXA10 F660 V3.0 FTTH is an advanced GPON Optical Terminal Unit, offering users an exceptional fiber broadband experience. Its multifunctional design includes 4 LAN ports, 2 POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) ports, 1 USB port, and WiFi capability, providing users with a comprehensive network connection and communication solution.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Broadband Experience: ZXA10 F660 V3.0 FTTH utilizes GPON technology to deliver high-speed and stable fiber broadband connectivity, ensuring a fast internet experience.
  2. Multi-Port Design: The device is equipped with 4 LAN ports, supporting wired connections for multiple devices to meet the networking needs of homes, offices, and various other scenarios. Additionally, 2 POTS ports are available for reliable voice communication.
  3. USB Interface: With a built-in USB port, the device facilitates the connection of USB devices such as printers and storage devices, expanding device connectivity.
  4. Wireless Network Coverage: The device features WiFi functionality, providing convenient wireless networking that covers a wider range and is suitable for various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


  • Home Networking: With multiple LAN ports, it caters to the networking needs of various devices in a home, and the WiFi feature ensures efficient network connectivity throughout the household.
  • Office Environments: The multi-port design is suitable for office networks, supporting wired connections for multiple devices to meet the needs of simultaneous use by multiple users.
  • Telephony Communication: The 2 POTS ports can be used to connect traditional telephones, providing stable voice communication services for both home and business environments.

ZXA10 F660 V3.0 FTTH is a feature-rich and high-performance Optical Terminal Unit, providing users with a comprehensive network and communication solution suitable for various usage scenarios.

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