Catv Ftth Mini Optical Receiver

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TV interface
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optical receiver switch head this adapter can easily realize the direct transmission mode of optical fiber to F head. According to a novel and practical product developed in the whole cable TV industry, it does not need power and easily realizes the function of light transfer. The cable TV program is stable and high definition does not drop. It can realize one light turn and one light to two electricity. .

LANGZHI CATV terminal small optical connector



Product parameters   link performance  
Input optical power(dBm) -10~0 C/N(dB) ≥51
Return Loss(dB) >45 C/CTB(dB) ≥65
Received light wavelength(nm) 1310~1550 C/CSO(dB) ≥62
Input optical interface SC/APC    
RF parameters      
Frequency Range(MHz) 47~1000 RF output reflection(dB) ≥16
In-band flatness(dB) 1.5 RF output impedance(Ω) 75
Output level(dBuV) 40 (-15dBm test) MER(dB) 30(-15dBm test)
50 (-10dBm test) 35(-10dBm test)
60 (-5dBm test) 37(-5dBm test)
64 (-3dBm test) 37(-3dBm test)
70 ( 0dBm test) 36(0dBm test)






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