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04 Oct How does xPON differ from EPON/GPON?
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Passive Optical Network (PON) plays a vital role in delivering broadband network access to end customers. It can transmit signals from a point to multipoint through an optical fiber. It consists of Optical Line Terminal (OLT), Optical Network Unit (ONU), and Optical Distribution Network (ODN). GPON and EPON are the most well-known and widely used t..
14 Sep Common problems and handling opinions of ZTE Light Cat
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1. Certification issues         Loid does not exist         Causes:1) Wrong input of loid, such as insufficient digits, letter case or space                     2) Fiber skipping of optical path is wrong, and the loid serial number is not consistent with the actual port, for example: input                          Cd6116x1606001, but the upper PON ..
02 Aug SC  APC fiber optic connector installation video
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SC / APC fiber optic connector installation video..
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