ZTE F660 V8.0 FTTH

ZTE ZXHN F660 V8.0 FTTH ZTE F660 V8.0 PRICE AND SPECS GPON optical terminal unit with 1GE + 3FE + 1POTS + WIFI + 1USB ports NEW AND ORIGINAL F660 V8

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ZTE ZXHN F660 V8.0 FTTH is  GPON optical terminal unit with 1GE + 3FE + 1POTS + WIFI + 1USB ports English Firmware.

Model No. Enternet Ports Voice Router (PPPoE) Wifi Firmware Language
ZXHN F660 V8.0 1GE+3FE 1pots Yes Yes English

ZTE ZXHN F660 V8.0 FTTH Product Overview

ZTE F660 V8.0 is a GPON Optical Network Terminal designed for HGU (Home Gateway Unit) used in FTTH scenario, which supports L3 function to help subscriber construct intelligent home network.ZTE F660 provides an GPON interface to connect OLT with an ODN. It offers a new choice for operators to deliver FTTH access.

POL (Passive Optical LAN) is a new type of LAN networking solution based on PON technology, which combines different services such as data, voice, video, and wireless access into one optical fiber network, inheriting the PON network With the advantages of large bandwidth, high reliability, low latency, flatness, easy deployment, and easy management, it is the best choice for different scenarios such as smart parks, commercial buildings, enterprises, campuses, hotels, governments, and finance.

ZTE ZXHN F660 V8.0 FTTH Product Picture

ZTE ZXHN F660 V8.0 FTTH Product Specification

Brand ZTE
Model F660V8.0
Optical port  1 x GPON interface
Transmission Distance 0-20KM
Transmit rate  2.488Gbps downstream; 1.244Gbps upstream
User-Network Interface 1GE +3FE port
1 x Wi-Fi interface
1 x USB host interface
1 x POTS interfaces
Wavelength Receiving: 1480~1500 nm  Transmitting: 1290~1330 nm
 Receiving Sensitivity -28dBm
Transmitting Optical Power  0.5~5dBm
 Power consumption <10W
Dimensions 220mm(W) x 44mm(H) x 160mm(D)
 Working temperature: 0oC ~ 40oC
Working humidity 5% ~ 95%
 Weight 380G
Power supply 12V DC

ZTE ZXHN F660 V8.0 FTTH Product Feature

  • Ultra-wide: one deployment, continuous upgrade of network capacity

Each PON port of the POL network has a bandwidth of up to 10G. When there is a higher bandwidth requirement, the optical fiber does not need to be replaced, only the equipment or optical modules at both ends need to be replaced, simplifying the upgrade steps and saving upgrade costs.

  • Simplified: energy saving and land saving, simple operation and maintenance

The POL solution can reduce the computer room by about 80% and can achieve energy savings of up to 60%.

  • The POL network has a simple hierarchy, which is convenient for maintenance and management, reduces failure points, and improves network reliability. Network operation and maintenance expenses can be reduced by more than 60%.
  • Convergence: One optical fiber carries all services

A set of POL network can provide 1000M Ethernet port, POTS, CATV, Wi-Fi, RS232/485 serial port, PoE port, time synchronization interface, etc. There is no need to establish multiple sets of networks to carry multiple services.

  • Security: Provide multiple security protection mechanisms

The POL network effectively avoids electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic leakage and other problems, and supports AES128 encryption to ensure the safety of data optical fiber transmission.

  • POL equipment supports MAC binding, 802.1x authentication, user isolation, etc., broadcast suppression, and anti-DOS attacks effectively prevent illegal user access and other user attacks.



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