AN5506-02-B - FiberHome ONT without Wi-Fi

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Technical specifications.

Model: AN5506-02B B6G

Reference code: 50115

Homologation Certificate: Anatel 07930-17-09253


- Heatsink Model 02B

- 1x GIGA ETHERNET port and 1x ETHERNET port

- 1x VOIP port

- 1x PON port



1 - Hardware type that has the attending board as GC8B or GCOB; these

again have different chipsets as class B,C,P, which have their own firmware

Firmware or Software version in this case UNO has two versions of Hardware

each hardware with its own firmware/software version different from each other.


2 - For the B7G (NEW HARDWARE) to work 100% all this hardware

I mentioned above needs to be with the latest updates available.


The ONU (Optical Network Unit) is the equipment installed in the user and is responsible for

the optical interface with the OLT main chassis. This equipment terminates the optical fiber

This equipment terminates the fiber optic connection and provides the service interface to the user.


The ONU is an active GPON equipment that uses passive technology to transfer data

data transfer over a single optical fiber at distances of up to 20 km, i.e., there are no

between the ONU and the OLT chassis.


Fiberhome through the product line GPON ONU AN5506 offers its customers a wide range of services

a wide diversity of services such as Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, VOIP, Wi-Fi, IPTV.


- Main functional features

- Bridge L2/L3: Support bridge and router mode.

- NAT: Support NAT

- PPPoE: Supports PPPoe dialing and authentication mode

- Firewall: Provides firewall features

- VPN Pass Through: Supports VPN features, with PPtP / IPSec security

- WEB Configuration: Supports web access for feature configuration

- IPV4/IPV6: Supports IPV4/IPV6 protocols.

- AES-128bit Encryption: Supports AES encryption algorithm.

- 1 Giga Ethernet port + 1 Fast Ethernet port: Ethernet port for service distribution.

- Complete line of ONU clients: Through the application of different ONU models

  the Fiberhome an5506 SFU ONU series meets all the service needs of GE/FE/VO

  of GE/FE/VOIP/WI-FI end users.

- Integration with the EMS/NMS platform: All FTTx equipment from the

  GPON, EPON, and NG PON lines can be managed by a single platform

  ANM2000 platform and can provide APIs for programming insertion.

- Easy installation and operation: The ONU AN5506-02B has a discrete size and

  and easy automatic detection and activation by the OLT

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