APC vs. UPC: A Comprehensive Analysis

When selecting fiber optic connectivity, APC (Angled Physical Contact) and UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) are two common connector end-face types. These two connectors exhibit significant differences in...

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What is the Difference Between SC and SC APC?

Introduction: In the world of fiber optics, understanding the nuances between different types of connectors is crucial for network designers, engineers, and technicians. Two commonly encountered conne...

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Great Savings: Register with My Referral Link and Get a 3% Discount Coupon!

The specific steps could be as follows:   The referrer obtains their unique referral link. The referrer shares the link with potential new users. The referred user registers using the referra...

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Detailed Explanation of Membership Discount Levels

Dear customer, We are delighted to announce our membership discount tier system, designed to reward your loyalty and support. Through this system, you will enjoy different levels of discounts based o...

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Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Network: Unlocking High-Speed Broadband for the Future

In this article, explore the cutting-edge technology of Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks, delving into crucial concepts such as SC, APC, and UPC fiber connectors, along with XPON, GPON, and EPON tech...

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Dedicated line logistics aging weight table

continent country Country Code Reference time limit (natural day) Weight requirements North America United States US 10-15 days Not exceeding 30kg Canada CA 10-15 days ...

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Take you to learn in detail what is Fiber to the Home FTTH

The rapid growth of fast, low-latency, and high-capacity information communication around the world has also increased the demand for inexpensive high-speed access by millions of Internet users and cu...

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ZTE OLT C320 Common Commands

show running-config (load various boards)show gpon onu uncfg (View all unconfigured ONUs on the OLT)show gpon onu uncfg gpon-olt_1/3/2 (view unconfigured ONUs under the port)show gpon onu state gpon-o...

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IPv4 vs IPv6 What's the Difference?

IPv4 and IPv6 are both internet protocol standards that are used to identify and communicate with devices on a network. However, there are some key differences between the two:1. Addressing: IPv4 uses...

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