What is the Difference Between SC and SC APC?

18/11/2023 Langzhi

Introduction: In the world of fiber optics, understanding the nuances between different types of connectors is crucial for network designers, engineers, and technicians. Two commonly encountered connectors are SC (Standard Connector) and SC APC (Angled Physical Contact). This article delves into the key differences between these connectors to help you make informed decisions for your fiber optic needs.


1.Ferrule End Face Polish:

  • SC Connectors: SC connectors are equipped with a physical contact (PC) polish, featuring a slightly curved end face. This design ensures close physical contact between the fiber cores, reducing loss and back reflection.
  • SC APC Connectors: These connectors boast an Angled Physical Contact polish, where the ferrule end face is angled at precisely 8 degrees. This unique design dramatically diminishes back reflection, crucial for certain high-speed and analog applications.

2.Back Reflection (Return Loss):

  • SC Connectors: They provide lower return loss than flat polish connectors but are not as effective as APC connectors in minimizing back reflection. They are suitable for a variety of digital signal applications.
  • SC APC Connectors: With their angled polish, SC APC connectors excel in minimizing back reflection, making them ideal for sensitive applications like analog systems and high-speed digital networks.

3.Color Coding:

  • SC Connectors: These are typically color-coded in blue, beige, or black, indicating single-mode or multimode fiber types.
  • SC APC Connectors: The green housing of SC APC connectors is a standard indicator of the APC type in the industry.


  • SC Connectors: Widely used in telecommunications and data communications where PC polish suffices and cost-effectiveness is a priority.
  • SC APC Connectors: These are the go-to choice for precision-demanding applications like FTTx, passive optical networks (PON), and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) systems.

5.Insertion Loss:

  • Both SC and SC APC connectors are engineered to have low insertion loss, but the exact values may vary slightly due to different polishing techniques.


  • SC Connectors: They are compatible with other SC PC connectors.
  • SC APC Connectors: It's crucial to mate them only with other APC polished connectors to maintain the angular alignment and prevent fiber end-face damage.

Conclusion: The choice between SC and SC APC connectors depends largely on system requirements, particularly in terms of back reflection and precision. Understanding these differences is key to optimizing your fiber optic network's performance and reliability. Whether you choose SC for general use or SC APC for specialized applications, each connector plays a vital role in the complex world of fiber optics.

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