What is the difference between xgpon and gpon?

12/03/2023 LANGZHI

XGPON (10G-PON) is a next-generation optical network technology that is more advanced than traditional GPON (2.5G-PON) technology. It supports higher bandwidth and larger capacity, and can provide faster Internet speed and better quality of service. XGPON technology provides higher bandwidth than GPON technology, and can provide a maximum transmission rate of 10Gbps, while GPON technology can only provide a maximum transmission rate of 2.5Gbps. In addition, XGPON technology can also support more capacity, and can support more users and more services according to actual conditions. XGPON technology also supports faster Internet connection rate, can provide higher network speed and higher performance, and has better service quality than GPON technology.

1, the standard is not the same

The standard of xgpon is IEEE 802. The basic principle of IEEE to develop EPON standard is to try to standardize EPON within 802. 3 architecture. GPON standard is developed considering the support for traditional TDM service and continues to use 125ms fixed frame structure to keep 8K timing.

2、The applications are not the same

GPON than EPON bandwidth is larger, its service bearing more efficient, splitting capacity is stronger, can transmit larger bandwidth services, to achieve more user access, more focus on multi-service and QoS assurance, but the implementation is more complex, so is to lead to its cost relative to xgpon is also higher, but with the large-scale deployment of GPON technology, GPON and xgpon cost difference is gradually shrinking.

The technical characteristics of gpon are as follows.

1, Ethernet is the best carrier for bearing IP services.

2, simple maintenance, easy to expand and easy to upgrade.

3, the equipment is mature and available, millions of lines have been laid in Asia, the third generation of commercial chips have been launched, the relevant optical modules, chip prices have dropped significantly, reaching the commercial level of scale, to meet the requirements of the recent broadband services;.

4, the protocol is simple and low cost of implementation, low cost of equipment, in the metro access network requires the most appropriate technology, not the best technology.

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