Changes to Import Logistics Taxation in Brazil: Understanding Tax Regulations Under DDU Channel

Recently, Brazil has adjusted its regulations regarding import logistics taxation, particularly concerning the usage of the DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) channel. According to the new regulations, recipi...

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Detailed Explanation of Membership Discount Levels

Dear customer, We are delighted to announce our membership discount tier system, designed to reward your loyalty and support. Through this system, you will enjoy different levels of discounts based o...

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Great Savings: Register with My Referral Link and Get a 3% Discount Coupon!

The specific steps could be as follows:   The referrer obtains their unique referral link. The referrer shares the link with potential new users. The referred user registers using the referra...

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Dedicated line logistics aging weight table

continent country Country Code Reference time limit (natural day) Weight requirements North America United States US 10-15 days Not exceeding 30kg Canada CA 10-15 days ...

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